Google TV Hackathon is on Forbes: Google Chats About Its First TV Hackathon


The Google TV Hackathon was featured at Forbes:

The Mountain View Hackathon, Courtesy of Google

If there were any doubts left about whetherGoogle still had its eyes on the TV prize, the geeks will lead you to the truth. Last weekend in both Mountain View and London, developers were hacking new trails for Google,  which hosted its first-ever codefest for TV.

Read the full article here.

Google TV Hackathon: You shouldn’t miss!


Google TV Hackathon’s registration deadline is coming. Its a rare opportunities to meet with speakers from Google, great judge panel, and experiment with Google TV devices, with first hand interaction with Google TV team and many more!

It has 180+ people registered through meetup, private registration (including past winners, and our sponsor Google), and volunteers.  Work and compete with a group of hard core engineers in the valley will be also be a great fun experiences!

Imaging your winning app to be featured in Google TV powered devices worldwide? I am sure you don’t have money to buy it.

Besides what is announced, I am sure there other great things you can image. Hey, thats what I can tell you before the event. Come to Google at 7PM Friday, you will know more ;)Don’t miss this!

Per suggestion fro several members,  we had extended the registration deadline is 11:390AM Thursday. We will start to prepare badges after tomorrow.


When: Friday, April 20, 2012 7:00 PM

Where: Conference Room Olympus Mons Tech Talk at Google
1400 Crittenden road
Mountain View, CA 94043

Meet three great Google Speakers Christian Kurzke, Ossama Alam, Paul Saxman @ Google TV Hackathon (2.5 days)

10:00 am:  Google TV UX                         Christian Kurzke
10:45 am:  Montetization on Google TV      Ossama Alami
11:30 am:  Google TV on Google Play        Paul Saxman

Christian Kurzke

Developer Advocate

Christian is Developer Advocate for the Google Android Platform, and has recently been focusing on Android for Google TV. He is an Open Source enthusiast, committer in the Eclipse Foundation and has been working at the intersection of Linux and Java since the early 90es. Prior to Google, Christian worked in Motorola’s Mobile Phone and Settop Box divisions. Before that, Christian was at SUN working on Java for Embedded Systems. He holds a Dipl. Inf. degree from Univ. Erlangen, Germany, and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

Ossama Alami

Ossama Alami manages the Geo Developer Relations team at Google. He has been supporting Google’s Geospatial APIs as a Developer Advocate, helping developers build applications around products like the Google Maps API and the Google Earth API. Prior to joining Google, he has worked as a consultant, architect and engineer at Accenture, CSC and Oracle. He calls San Francisco, CA home and in the winter can be found snowboarding in the Sierras.

Paul Saxman

Paul Saxman is a developer advocate at Google focusing on Google TV.  He is passionate about immersive, interactive designs, social software, and lean, mean algorithms, and had been working on these since the 8-bit era.  Although he’s a web developer at heart, Paul’s deep interest in revolutionary platforms has brought him to Android and Google TV.

Full event info:

Android Training by Dr. Sheng.


My long time friend Dr. Sheng, the original lead instructor for Android Top Gun Training Camp, will be teaching at Android Beginner Bootcamp. Check it out!

Android Beginners 2-day Boot Camp


Android App Development has become in the thing, and with Android offering an ideal platform to develop this kind of mobile application development, aspiring developers strive to make the best use of this platform. Android app development projects have assumed greater significance, and the prime reason that has influenced the popularity of this mobile app development comes through the form of benefits offered by Android platform. Android platform is based upon Linux, which in turn paves way for smooth accessibility to attain a robust development environment, where Android also makes it easy for the developer to gather information quickly and to provide information accurately.


Course Benefits:

Android Boot Camp Training Course is a hands-on training for designing and building mobile applications using Android open-source platform. This complete hands-on course encourages students to learn by building increasingly more sophisticated and meaningful mobile applications for Android.

After completing the course work in this class you will

  1. have a general idea of the Android Platform components
  1. Be familiar with the Basic Android APIs
  2. Be able to Build/Test/Debug/Publish your basic Apps



  • Experience in basic programming is required


About the Instructor:

Dr. Sheng Yang

  • Computer Science PhD at the University of Texas at Dallas. Master of Science at Tsinghua University
  • Leading Instructor for T-mobile internal mobile training; have trained hundreds of android developers since 2009
  •  Over 10 years of IT experience in both small and global teams on many projects; specialized in web application development, he led the team to architect and develop multiple systems to achieve organization’s strategic goals.

( pic)                              Mr. Lawrence Wong

  • Mobile software developer at T-mobile, with extensive knowledge of Android smart phones, tablets
  • Lead Architect developer at MetaWave Group, early adapter of Android platform and Google AppEngine
  • Organizer at East Bay GTUG; Co-Organizer at Silicon Valley Android Meetup


Course dates: $498


April Class May 5-6 9-5pm

Training Content:

  • Android basic architecture
  • Designing Android User Interfaces
  • Using Android Data and Storage APIs
  • Using Android Networking APIs
  • Using Android Multimedia APIs
  • Build/Test/Debug/Publish Your Applications


WCA mobile sensors event goes deeper with Qualcomm STMicroelectronics Cypress Maxim & Sensirion on 4/18


Tristan Joo, Board Member (Director) & Co-Chair of Mobile SIG is hosting a great event: Semiconductor Sensors innovating Mobile Devices & User Experiences at April 18th evening.

Updated event details with registration link is below/here: Some seats are still left, so register asap.

The original event announcement:


WCA Mobile & Future SIG jointly presents::

Semiconductor Sensors innovating Mobile Devices & User Experiences

April 18th 2012 — 6:30pm – 8:30pm  (Registration/Networking Starts at 6:00pm, Networking until 9:00pm)

Qualcomm Inc., Bldg SCL.B, 3165 Kifer Road, Santa Clara, CA 


A few lucky attendees will go home with free smartphones! Light meals, drinks, refreshments provided!*
Indoor navigation LBS and gesture enabled 3D games using motion sensors, gesture & touchless user interfaces, smart proximity & color sensing, Augmented Reality, context-aware services — these are the next-generation use cases that mobile device designers implement leveraging the latest advances in semiconductor “sensor” technologies. With the next wave of smart phones and tablets launching in 2012, User Experience (UX) and feature differentiations between devices are becoming ever-more important to stay market-competitive. At the same time, developers are faced with the challenges in balancing device performance, cost, and power consumption optimization for mobile devices. As the “fusion” across such innovations among semiconductor sensors and mobile apps & device designs mature, the enhancement of the overall UX will dramatically propel the mobile industry out to a new frontier.

– Tristan Joo, Board Member (Director) & Co-Chair of Mobile SIG, WCA

– Len Sheynblat, VP of Technology, Qualcomm, Inc. (Event Sponsor)
– Wen Lin, Marketing Manager – iNEMO and Sensor Hub solutions (Motion), STMicroelectronics
– John Carey, Director of Marketing – TrueTouch, Cypress Semiconductor
– Seckin Ozdamar, Business Manager – Optical Sensors, Human Interface BU, Maxim Integrated Products
– Michael Karst, General Manager and CEO, Sensirion, Inc. (Temperature/Humidity Sensors)

At this event, our expert presenters from 5 leading semiconductor companies will introduce and demonstrate such technological innovations and UX enabled by various sensors. Not only will they show demonstrations of sensor technologies but our guest OEM, Software and App Developer companies will also showcase real-life use cases and apps on various mobile devices. We will address myriad of questions including: What types of sensors are being used to implement what specific differentiated UX in next wave of smartphones & tablets? What are the use cases that have not been able to bring to life with past semiconductor technologies? How is the performance vs. cost vs. power consumption tradeoffs being managed with such advanced innovations in semiconductors for mobile handhelds? What new mobile software and applications are being developed that uniquely leverage these sensor technologies and thus create new UX’es? What are the mobile sensor technologies & services trends behind “sensor fusion / integration” that enable innovations and new UX to advance even further into the future?

Demo Partners:
– Microsoft: Windows Phone Developer Program and Sensors APIs
– Samsung: Samsung Mobile Developers Program and Sensors SDK
– Alohar Mobile: Persistent Sensing Technology (Sensor Fusion)
– SenionLab: Indoor Positioning and Navigation Platform (Sensor Fusion)
– Sensor Platforms Inc.: FreeMotion™ and Sensor Fusion Software
– WIMM Labs: Custom Android Device and Micro Apps (Motion, Touch)
– Wikitude: Augmented Reality Browser … AND OTHER INNOVATIVE APPS!

The WCA Mobile and Wireless Futures SIGs are excited to jointly host this high profile presentation and demo event featuring the industry’s innovative minds who are at the forefront of shaping up the future of the next generation mobile User Experiences. This event will address these as well as many other questions to reveal what the future holds for sensor innovations in mobile devices. Don’t miss this chance to hear firsthand from our speakers and network with a broad spectrum of our audience!

Seating at this event is limited! Register now! 

   or at

Apple and Google agreed cross licensing for Android and iOS for limited time – Wall Street Stories


Silicon Valley, April 1. Apple and Google had made an agreement to cross license the patents between iOS and Android, from a VC source who had invested into both Apple and Google in the earlier stage. The official announcement will likely be announced Sunday Pacific Time.

Apple had been fighting with Google’s Android at all the battle ground, one of them is the pantent lawsuit.  Motorola, a Google company tobe, also started similar tactic last year. This had created lots of pressure and cost to the OEMs and developers.

There had been a long tim negotiating unders the table, the source said.  However, the financial terms are still unknown. For sure, the OEMs are protected from the lawsuit from now on.

Apple or Google refused to make any comments to this news.

However, the bad part of this agreement is that, its limited to all the product released after April 1st 2012. So take your chance!

Source: Wall Street Tech Stories

Attend Google TV Hackaton To Win IO2012 Ticket

android, GDG

Google TV Hackathon, hosted by SVAndroid, sponsored by Google, invited Android and Web developers to take this great chance to build a great Google TV App (Can be web!) to win Google IO 2012 ticket, and met with few great judges to review your app :) Big thanks to our sponsor Google TV team!

Event Updates

limited number of tickets to Google I/O will be made available to some winners (Not all winners can win this). Google TV team will confirm the numbers later.

Two of the judges have been selected and announced:

Blake Krikorian (@blakekrik), co-founder and former CEO of Sling Media

Mark Mangiola, Venture Partner at Canaan Partners

Coordination with a linked event in London should add some “virtual flair” to both venues. Facility space will be limited, and a sell-out seems likly. You must register to attend. I am sure it will worth your effort for the 2 days and one night! I told yah!! 

Here are some details:

Agenda (Formal draft)

Friday, April 20, 2012 Kick-Off

19:00:00 Happy Hour

Team ideas announced in screen. Social time.

19:30:00 “Orientation(Live Stream to Global event)” “Google TV Overview(Live Stream to Global event)”

20:30:00 Team Pitches ~ 1 hour

Saturday, April 21, 2012 Hacking

8:00:00 Breakfast

8:30:00 Short kick-off

9:00:00 Hack Lunch  (on your own) Hack organize demo schedule (teams sign up)

9:30 – Noon: 4-5 Google TV Tech Sessions and Hangout with Google Engineers

17:00:00 midway hacking demo session  (happy hour) Q&A for rules and qualification or the contest late-night snack

20:00:00 Developer Hangout

Sunday, April 22, 2012 Hacking & Demos

8:00:00 Breakfast

8:30:00 Short kick-off – schedule review

9:00:00 Hack Lunch  (on your own) Hack

15:00:00 snacks – organize for demos apk delivered

16:30:00 “Final Presentations – Panel /drinks&snacks(Live Stream to Global event)”

19:00:00 Award Ceremony
We also plan to make this event a global event using YT Live Streaming and Hangouts, and invite other GTUGs and ADGs to organize event at same time.

  • 3 tracks:
    • New Google TV Apps
    • Port existing Web or  Tablet/Phone Android Apps to Google TV Android Apps
    • Multi Screen Apps
  • Office Hours


  • Winners:
  • from Judge Panel (3)
    • New
    • Migrated
    • multiscreen
  • from popular vote (1): Organized by SVAndroid, cash prize (all the income generated by the ticket sales minus the any direct cost)


Blake Krikorian

Blake Krikorian is a co-founder and the former CEO of Sling Media, a consumer electronics company that builds the highly acclaimed Slingbox.

The company was founded in 2004. It was purchased in 2007 by Echostar Communications for $380 million dollars.

Krikorian started his career at General Magic, which created the Magic Cap operating system for mobile intelligent communicators and Telescript, an agent-based network programming language for the emerging electronic marketplace (pre-Internet). At General Magic, Krikorian assisted industry-leading telecom and consumer electronics companies such as NTT, Sony, Mitsubishi Electric, Sanyo, OKI and Matsushita/Panasonic in creating and defining new products and partnerships.

In 1994, Krikorian co-founded the Philips Mobile Computing Group, which was funded by Philips Electronics. As group product manager, he built and co-led the team that defined, created, delivered, and marketed the award-winning Velo 1 Windows CE Handheld PC and its associated product line.

Mark Mangiola

Venture Partner, Canaan Partners Ventures 

Mark Mangiola joined Canaan in 2001 after over 20 years in operational leadership roles in the cable and broadband industry. Mark invests in communications companies that are transforming the delivery of digital media, as well as new consumer content companies that meld entertainment with interactivity. An advisor to YouTube, Mark has a visionary outlook about how consumers will watch and interact with content in the future, having participated first hand in the early emergence of both cable TV and the Internet.

A super-connected industry veteran, Mark leverages his network to fill key executive positions at Canaan’s portfolio companies and helps them spearhead strategic relationships with industry-leading corporations. Prior to Canaan, Mark served as CEO of @Home Solutions, a division of Excite@Home. He was previously the President and CEO of Positive Communications and an Executive VP at KBLCOM/Time Warner.

When Mark is not thinking about how consumer-generated video will change the world, he is sprinting around a track. A passionate athlete, Mark coaches high-school and college track athletes and never misses a Meet of Champions track meet.

This event is not for profit.  All the income goes to the event cost (Anything our Sponsor Google cannot cover) and prizes for People’s Choice (Well, this is another reason you should attend).

Online Participation:


Twitter: #gtvhackathon

Our team still working on the details of the official rules and details which will be announced soon.


For more details, see the full listing:

When: Friday, April 20, 2012 7:00 PM

Yes, the droid guys/girls will dance with music at SVAndroid’s Chrome event 3/14


No kidding: Music, Dance, Tea @ Chrome on Android, Google TV, and mobile

Has been more than three years for SVAndroid.  Indeed boring, for just demos and presentations, at least for myself. But I found a great reason to do something fun during GDC (Game Developers Conference): innovation and creativity.

Many events/Booth in GDC are fun, sexy, cute.  While I was thinking about how to learn from it, I met with Julia Steward, M.A. at my Startup Tea House event. Its a great timing. I will never agree to do it, if its one year ago; but now, I loved the idea immediately!

More about Julia Steward, M.A. and her World Music and Dance:

I am sure we will have more fun, down the road.

Detail of this event:

SVAndroid will host Google TV Hackathon at Google at April 20th


SVAndroid will host a Google TV Hackathon at Google Campus supported by Google TV DevRel

We are still working on the detail now, but the format will be very similar to our 2011 AnDevCamp:

Agenda Similar to :

We also plan to make this event a global event using YT Live Streaming and Hangouts, and invite other GTUGs and ADGs to organize event at same time.

  • 3 tracks:
    • New Google TV Apps
    • Port existing Web or  Tablet/Phone Android Apps to Google TV Android Apps
    • Multi Screen Apps
  • Office Hours


  • Winners:
  • from Panel (3)
    • New
    • Migrated
    • multiscreen
  • from popular vote (1)

This event is not for profit. All fees go to the event.

Contact the organizers for sponsorship and volunteers opportunities.

Attend DroidPlanet & Win Samsung Tablet: Online raffle next two days

android, Events, Silicon Valley Android Meetup

Another great reason to go to DroidPlanet @ CTIA: Within next 34 hours (By 9PM Friday night), If you register at DroidPlanet event homepage, you will get chance to win one of the two tablet from our sponsor – Samsung: (The agenda had been updated!)

I will raffle two names and two backups from all the people who registered on this page. You will need a valid pass (any type) and to be present at the DroidPlanet event onsite in order to receive the prize.

Another great reason to go to DroidPlanet @ CTIA: Within next 34 hours (By 9PM Friday night), If you register at DroidPlanet event homepage, you will get chance to win one of the two tablet from our sponsor – Samsung: (The agenda had been updated!)

I will raffle two names and two backups from all the people who registered on this page. You will need a valid pass (any type) and to be present at the DroidPlanet event onsite in order to receive the prize.

In addition, Samsung will give away one tablet during each session of the event at DroidPlanet, so come join this great event!

More info:

Startup Challenge:

Developer Party at Oct 12 evening:

Agenda attached in this email

DroidPlanet is a two-day Android Conference with valuable technical
and business information exchange for Android ecosystem, from
developers, entrepreneurs, to executives; from Apps, platforms,
solutions, tools, to startups.  Meet with leaders in the ecosystem,
including Android experts, solutions leaders, and partners from around
the world.

The event is brought you by:

Platinum Sponsor




Gold Sponsor:



San Diego Google Technologies User Group

San Diego Android Developers Group


Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs

Connect Us: droidplanet

Twitter     @TheDroidPlanet  # droidplanet

Join us:


Samsung, our bigger sponsor for the event, will give away one Samsung tablet during each session! Get yours!


Tuesday, October 11 – Android In Business 10:30AM –  5:00PM

10:30 to 11:25 - Keynote

Moderator: David Cao

Speaker: Paul Carff, Google: Google TV
11:30 to 12:30 - Android Ecosystem: State of the union

Moderator: Gregory, InMobiVasily Salomatov, AppsGeyser

Guangbin, Mobile China Forum, HuaweiPragati Ogal Rai, PayPal

1:00 to 1:55 - Android in the Cloud &  Enterprise: HTML5, Security and Beyond

Christopher Griffin, CEO, Betable

Walter Luh, Ansca Mobile
Chuck Serapilio, President of Business Development / Founder, Cellution Inc.

Hugo Troche, cofounder of Appsperse
2:00 to 2:55 - From Android App Developers to Startup Entrepreneurs

Sumeet Jain, CMEA Capital

Anurag (Anu) Nigam, Sand Hill Angels

Connie Wang, managing partner at USAsia Law Group

Damien Patton, Founder and CEO at Banjo

3:00 to 3:55 - Android Innovation Showcase: New devices, tools, accessories, and more!

Edward Schmit,  Director, AT&T Developer Program

Ted Ladd, Platform Evangelist, WIMM Labs

Hod Greeley, Samsung, Samsung Sensor Simulator

Matthew DuPuy, ARM

Wolf Paulus, Sr. Architect Mobile Software Development, Hewlett-Packard

Gary Yentin & Tom Emrich, App-Promo

4:00 to 5:00 - Android Startup Challenge 2011

Host: Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs

Opening Remark: Jason, Partner, DCM



Lead Judge: Jason Krikorian, General Partner, DCM

Martin Tannerfors – Director Marketing for Samsung Developers Americas

Sumeet Jain, CMEA Capital 

Anurag (Anu) Nigam, Sand Hill Angels

Ceremony, Fireside chat with winners, and judges
For full list companies for startup challenge, visit:

Wednesday, October 12: Android Bootcamp (Hosted by SVAndroid, SD-GTUG, SD-Android)

10:30AM – 5:00PM

10:30 to 11:25 - Introductions and Keynote

Moderator: David Cao

Nick Dicarlo, VP of Product Planning for Samsung,

Chris Dury, COO, GetJar

11:30 to 12:30 - Introduction to the Honeycomb platform: New features, functions and APIs

Host: Samsung

Hod Greeley, Samsung

1:00 to 1:55 - Android tools for HD Haptics – Adding feeling and texture to your apps

Bob Heubel, Immersion
2:00 to 2:55 - Amazon SDK for Android and Enterprise Security

Shafaq Abdullah, Zenprise

Host: SD Android
3:00 to 3:55 - Sensors in Android–native level access, virtual sensors and future directions

Jim Steele, VP of Engineering, Sensor Platforms

Host: SD Android

4:00 to 5:00 - Indoor Location-Based Services in Android–NFC and using LTE for the Next Generation 911 initiative

Speaker: Upkar Dhaliwal, Invisitrack

Host: SD Android

Note: you do need a valid CTIA pass to attend this event which is free to all CTIA attendees.

Speaker/Demo/Showcase application

Volunteers / sponsors

Follow this event:

Twitter    @TheDroidPlanet

Official CTIA Website:

You are invited: Android Startup Challenge 2011 now sponsored by DCM


Dear Android Entrepreneurs,

I am very glad to announce that, DCM, leading Pacific Rim technology venture capital firm, who announced first 100 Million Android fund earlier this year, had agreed to be the sponsor of our DroidPlanet conference at CTIA.

Jason Krikorian, will at the leading judge for the Android Startup Challenge at DroidPlanet, hosted by SVAndroid & SVEntrepreneurs

About DCM:

DCM is an early stage venture capital firm that has been helping entrepreneurs build world-class technology companies since 1996. The firm’s partners manage six funds totaling US$2 billion, and have made investments in more than 140 technology companies across the United States and Asia. With offices in Silicon Valley, Beijing and Tokyo, DCM provides hands-on operational guidance and a vast network of business and financial resources to its portfolio companies globally. DCM has backed industry leading companies such as 51job (NASDAQ:JOBS), (acquired by The New York Times Co.), Clearwire (NASDAQ:CLWR), eDreams (acquired by TA), Foundry Networks (NASDAQ: FDRY), (TSE Main: 8703), Sling Media (acquired by EchoStar), SMIC (NYSE: SMI), and VanceInfo (NYSE: VIT) as well as upcoming startups such as Bridgelux, Happy Elements, mBaoBao, PapayaMobile, RenRen, RockYou, Sandforce, Trion Worlds, Ustream, and Vipshop. Recent exits include three new China-based IPOs: BitAuto Holdings (NYSE: BITA), DangDang Inc. (NYSE: DANG), and Shanghai Luxin (SZSE: 002565) and two US-based exits: Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT) and PGP (acquired by Symantec).


We are still working on details right now, but I would like to invite Android Entrepreneurs to submit your Android Startup to our contest:

Submit your apps here:  Application form

More detail:  ********************

SVEntrepreneurs is proud to announce the Android Startup Challenge 2011 at DroidPlanet hosted by SVAndroid at CTIA.

Cool apps, products that surprise and delight mobile users are a huge part of the Android ecosystem. To support you in your efforts, SVAndroid together with SVEntrepreneurs launched the Android Startup Challenge, which will provide awards for great mobile apps/products built on/for the Android platform.
ASC2011 Welcome to the Android Startup Challenge 2011! You can participate by developing an application, an android based component, services, evaluating and scoring applications, or both. The sections below provide information about the types of applications you can enter, as well as the contest information and dates.   Startups submit their apps/products to one of specially-designated ASC2011 categories (see below) beginning in August. An application can only be submitted to a single category.

First Round
We will select the top 15 (or less) products  which will go into the second round.
Second Round

All the finalist will be invited to demo at CTIA DroidPlanet Android Startup Challenge at Stage.

Along with the public ranking, a team of SVEntrepreneurs selected judges will evaluate the applications.


Eligibility The ASC 2011 contest is open only to startups that:
Product have been released publicly. We don’t take ideas.
Have been fully operating with monthly income. The founder’s committment to the startup is expected.
Have not received series A or later VC funding.
The product is the primary product of the company.
Willing and ready to take the company to the next step.

When you enter an application in the ASC 2011, we will make it available to all contest judges for free, exclusively for the purposes of judging. All submitted applications must be in English.


  • Apps: Personal (non game)
  • Games
  • Apps: Enterprise
  • Api, Components
  • Tools, Platform…

Submit your apps here:  Application form


For more details, see the full listing:

DroidPlanet is two weeks away

android, Events, Silicon Valley Android Meetup

Just booked my flight today. Cannot believe DroidPlanet is only two weeks away.

We have lined up some great speakers for DroidPlanet, but looks like sponsorship still a challenge.

If you are coming to SD CTIA, here are few tips;

Link with other attendees by linkedin:

Connect at Facebook:


Android Demo Night @ Linkedin – 12 Apps + 3 Reviewers


Review Panel:

Duncan Davidson
Managing Director, Bullpen Capital

Duncan is a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist. Currently, he is Managing Director at Bullpen Capital ( Before founding Bullpen, Duncan was a Managing Director at Vantage Point Venture Partners for six years. Duncan has been involved with a number of startups, including: Chairman of Xumii, mobile social networking, recently bought by a leading mobile software company; Founding CEO of SkyPilot Networks, outdoor wireless mesh systems for last-mile access, recently bought by Trilliant; Founding Chairman of Covad Communications (AMEX: DVW), the leading independent DSL access provider; and senior executive at InterTrust Technologies, the pioneer in digital rights management technologies, now owned by Sony and Philips. He is on the boards of AggregateKnowledge, AllVoices, Livescribe, and Verismo. Duncan’s interests include: broadband, WiFi, digital media, digital convergence, mobile apps, and broadband apps.

Sumeet  Jain, Principal at CMEA Capital Sumeet joined CMEA Capital in 2008 as a Principal in the firm’s   Technology group. Sumeet is involved in the firms internet, mobile and  software investments.  He is actively involved in investments in  Blekko, Pixazza, Jobvite, Intermolecular, Apriso and WorkingPoint.  In   addition he serves as an advisor to many companies including Appstores   and Chute.  Prior to CMEA, Sumeet was with Goldman, Sachs & Co. in its  Technology, Media & Telecom investment banking group. At Goldman  Sachs, he focused on mergers and acquisitions as well as equity and  debt financing transactions across the software, internet,  semiconductor, and communications equipment sectors. Prior to Goldman  Sachs, Sumeet worked in business development and sales at iManage, a  content management software company that was acquired by Interwoven in  2003.
Previously, Sumeet was with Personify, an early web analytics software company, where he helped grow the company with senior roles in product management, business development and sales. Sumeet began his career with Andersen Consulting (Accenture) where he worked on operations for companies in Andersen Technology Ventures portfolio.

Sumeet holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from Cornell University, and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Steve Kingsley-Jones

Steve joined Immersion in 2007 as the Director of Product Management for the Touch Interface Products. Having worked with touch systems for many years in industrial and commercial applications at both startups and large companies, he has brought his expertise to managing the development of new products for Immersion’s industrial, commercial and mobile handset business. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a bachelor’s degree in Economics, both from the University of Waterloo. Steve has spoken at several industry events, including AnDevCon in March 2011.


12 Android Apps

DroidPlanet @ CTIA Open for Sponsor/Partner/Speaker


SVAndroid opened invitation for innovation leaders to participate the DroidPlanet at CTIA (Fall) organized by SVAndroid at Oct 11 and 12.

DroidPlanet is a two-day Android Conference with valuable technical
and business information exchange for Android ecosystem, from
developers, entrepreneurs, to executives; from Apps, platforms,
solutions, tools, to startups.  Meet with leaders in the ecosystem,
including Android experts, solutions leaders, and partners from around
the world.

Agenda (Draft):

Google TV & Android @Home: the new Frontier

From Android App Developers to Startup Entrepreneurs

Android International: State of Union
Android @ Enterprise: From Apps to cloud ,and beyond
Android App: Native VS. HTML5
Android Accessories: the winning strategy
The War of Tablets

Android App Showcase

For partner, sponsorship, please contact the organizers with Subject “DroidPanet Sponsor/ Partner”

If you are interested in speak/demo/showcase/present at CTIA, fill in this form:

Speaker/Demo/Showcase application

Follow this event:

Twitter    @TheDroidPlanet

The Official  CTIA Enterprise & Applications™ 2011 show website has been launched at:

Check out our last year’s program at CTIA:

For more details, see the full listing:

When: Tuesday, October 11, 2011 7:00 PM

Where: San Diego Convention Center
Main Entrance
San Diego, CA 92110

Free with valid CTIA pass

If the changes affect your plans to attend, please take a moment to update your RSVP. (You can RSVP “No” or “Yes”.)

You can always get in touch with me through the Contact Us link on Meetup.

Android Apps Demo Night at Linkedin by SV Android

android, Silicon Valley Android Meetup

This is a special event. SV Android will invite a great of VCs, Angel Investors. Your app must be published at Android Market in order to present at this event.

6PM Food and networking
6:30PM Introduction
6:45PM Demos

8PM Review comments.

Invitation to demo:

If you would like to demo your Android app, add a comments at this meetup with your app name, publisher name, URL. First in first serve.

If you are VCs, or Angel investor, and would like to be part of the review panel, please let me know.

Interview with Travor Johns from Google Android Team: Browser, 3.x, Chrome


Interview with Google Android Developer - Trevor Johns

Met with Trevor Johns (@tjohns) at IO bootcamp Android Office hour today. Have a good discussion.

Here is a summary of few of them:

1 Chrome Browser VS. Android Browser

Android will will use the same JavaScript Engine as Chrome. Android is enhancing the browser (Based on web toolkit) capability. Eventually, the full Chrome Browser will be supported at Android. But there is no time line can be disclosed

2 Android 3.x for mobile phone

Android 3.3 (Designed for Mobile) was on a different branch of code before Android 3.0 was released. Now they are working together.

Android Entrepreneurs: Meet with Google Venturs at Google IO


Just got this today. It is a great opportunities for Android Entrepreneurs!

Google Ventures Meetup. Please join Google Ventures in an experiment in “controlled chaos!” It will bring Google I/O attendees together with members of Google Ventures’ core team (investors and experienced startup veterans), and select portfolio companies (ranging from small, new teams to later-stage, successful companies).  The room will be arranged enabling attendees to speak to panels of “experts” in bite-sized, three-minute 1:1 conversations, otherwise known as VC speed dating! Our goal is to connect both practicing, and soon-to-be entrepreneurs, with experts who can impart advice, lessons learned, and quick tips.  Please RSVP to let us know if you’ll attend.  (Location: Cafes, Level 1)

Good luck!

Meet the Android Experts: Speakers for Android Mixer before Google IO

android, GDG, Silicon Valley Android Meetup

Sound interesting? Sign up now at:

Lee Brimelow, Adobe 
An Introduction to Mobile App Development using Flex and Flash Builder

Lee Brimelow is a Game Developer Evangelist at Adobe based in the Bay Area.

Peter Kacandes & Anupam Nath, Sony Ericcson 

Developing content for the Xperia Play 

Peter Kacandes is a Sr. Business Development Manager with Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications.

Anupam Nath is a Software Engineer responsible for Developer Support at Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications.

Praveen Alavilli, PayPal
In-app payments for the kitchen sink 

Praveen will discuss about how PayPal Mobile Payment Libraries provide in-app payments for a variety of payments use cases (more than digital goods and virtual currencies), and how they enable the apps to be internationally ready from the day they are launched in the android market.

Praveen is the developer evangelist for the PayPal X Developer Network ( He helps developers convert their cool new ideas into successful applications and services using PayPal’s Global Payments Platform. Praveen usually plays with a lot of technologies and tries to connect dots across them relating to Online Identity, Mobile Technologies and Payments.

Gregory Kennedy, InMobi 
Bringin’ Home the Bacon – The Economics of Your Ad Supported Application Business 

Advertising offers an excellent opportunity for developers to earn a living, but the industry has done little to educate on the real economics of the mobile advertising opportunity for developers. How many downloads do I need? What are the economics? How many impressions should I generate? Join InMobi as we provide hard data and insight on what it takes to earn a living, what to expect across various countries and networks, and how we can learn from others who have been successful. InMobi will provide hard data on the economics, global research and two case studies from both a B2B and B2C application.

Gregory is Director, Global Marketing at InMobi.

Paul Chen, PapayaMobile 
Thoughts and Considerations for Attacking the China Android Market 

As Head of Business Development at Papaya Mobile, Paul Chen is responsible for building the ecosystem of game and application developers that support the Papaya social network for Android devices. Prior to joining Papaya Mobile, Paul served as Product Manager for NVIDIA’s line of Tegra application processors. Paul has also held various engineering roles at Advanced Micro Devices and covered the technology sector as an investment banking analyst for Salomon Smith Barney. Paul received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley and his M.B.A. from Columbia University.

Eric Cloninger, Motorola Mobility 
Localizing Your Android App in 10 minutes 

How to localize an android app for other languages, and how resources are discovered in multi-language apps.

Eric Cloninger is the Product Line Manager for Motorola’s developer tools. He’s spent over 15 years bringing quality experiences to desktop, mobile, and embedded developers. When he’s away from the IDE, Eric gets lost on roads and waterways that were forgotten ages ago, with his pickup, a kayak and a camera for company. Eric is an alumnus of Oklahoma State University.